Brian Duggan

Brian Duggan: The Last Day Diary Redux
The Last Day Diary Redux expands upon the artist’s larger body of work regarding community, citizenship,...
04 Sep 2015 - 17 Oct 2015
Cabinet No.5: Brian Duggan: A cause for concern, but not alarm
Brian Duggan concerns himself with more or less dramatic events in crisis, in a prosaic, subtle, but...
03 Jun 2016 - 16 Jul 2016
Minimal Impulse
The group show presents recent abstract paintings by artists associated with Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw...
13 Jun 2017 - 16 Jul 2017
The End is Where We Start From. On Tsunamis, Nuclear Explosions and other Fairy Tales
The exhibition brings together works of eight international visual artists whose work navigates on the...
06 Jun 2018 - 21 Jul 2018