Berta Fischer

Born in Düsseldorf, 1973 and lives in Berlin, Germany

Berta Fischer is a Berlin-based artist. Her colorful sculptures are of poetic lightness and luminosity; they constitute an organic sum of material and form and interact with their surrounding architecture, transforming a space into an otherworldly local.
Despite the use of materials that are mainly synthetic, such as PVC and acrylic glass, Fischer’s works maintain an organic quality. This dialogue between the natural and the artificial generates an appearance that has a fragility and a tension to it. Drawing a viewer’s attention the effects seem to be alive or moving.
Most of her works are cut from transparent acrylic glass or sheer PVC film, bent, and folded; they immediately captivate the beholder. Their radiant luminescent colors—yellow, blue, red, green, orange, or pearl white—fill the room with their magical light; natural light sets their edges ablaze in dazzling colors, creating lines that look like drawings in their own right.

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