Matej Gavula

Born in Bratislava, 1972 and lives in Bratislava

Matej Gavula studied at the Secondary school of applied arts (1986 -1990), 1990-1996 he continued in his studies at The Academy of fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, department of Glass. Originally trained as a sculptor, Gavula uses different media, employing post-conceptual tendencies – he works in the field of object, sculpture, installation, video, photography, and performance. For the main part of his artistic career (2003-2013) he was closely bound with Milan Tittel, with whom he formed a tandem – group XYZ. In his individual practice, Gavula is acting as an attentive and quiet observer, skilful sculptor, constantly exploring the possibilities of this medium. His daily routine is based on uncovering particularly “ordinary”. By subtle interventions or “just” by documenting selected objects or situations Gavula is preserving an important visual footmark of everyday, initially banal reality.

Lesson of Relativity
  “Lesson of Relativity” (the exhibition title is taken from an article in DOMUS magazine...
21 Sep 2016 - 16 Oct 2016
Zoya Gallery
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