Donna Huanca

Born in Chicago, 1980

Donna Huanca, portrait.
Donna Huanca, portrait.

Donna Huanca is an American Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1980.  Donna Huanca received her BFA in 2004 from the University of Houston, Texas. She layers painting and sculpture in mixed media installations that double as sites of performance, interaction, and live music. Numerous key galleries and museums such as Bilbao Fine Arts Museum have featured Donna Huanca’s work in the past.

Donna Huanca: Cueva De Copal
Arnolfini present "Cueva De Copal", a new and immersive site-specific installation by Donna Huanca. The artist’s interdisciplinary practice focuses upon the human body, exploring our physical relationship to the world around us.
05 Feb 2022 - 29 May 2022
Donna Huanca: Scar Cimbals
The first UK solo exhibition by Donna Huanca at the Zabludowicz Collection will also be the first performance-led...
29 Sep 2016 - 18 Dec 2016
Zabludowicz Collection
Donna Huanca: Lengua De Bartolina Sisa
This is the first exhibition by the artist in Spain and it’s taking place in the spaces of Traversia...
24 Feb 2017 - 29 Apr 2017
Travesía Cuatro, Madrid
Strange Messengers
Strange Messengers presents strategies and reflections on navigating contemporary life with works by seven...
14 Sep 2018 - 26 Oct 2018
Peres Projects
Glow Like That
Curated by Venus Lau,  “Glow Like That” at K11 Atelier explores the luminary surfaces and...
16 Mar 2019 - 13 May 2019
K11 atelier, Victoria Dockside, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Donna Huanca: Lengua Llorona
American-Bolivian artist Donna Huanca is having her first large solo exhibition in Scandinavia, the...
22 Mar 2019 - 01 Sep 2019
Copenhagen Contemporary
Transformer: The Rebirth Of Wonder
Inaugurating during Frieze Art Week, the collective exhibition by the Vinyl Factory features new works...
02 Oct 2019 - 08 Dec 2019
180 The Strand
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