Clara Ianni

Quarta-feira de Cinzas
Curated by Luisa Duarta, Quarta-feira de Cinzas [Ash Wednesday] is the third exhibition of the program...
09 Sep 2015 - 08 Nov 2015
EAV Parque Lage
Rio de Janeiro
The monuments are built to create a collective memory on certain character or historical fact. They...
19 Jan 2016 - 27 Feb 2016
Galeria Leme
São Paulo
Because We Are Them
Blau Projects presents the group show “Porque somos elas e eles [Because we are them]”, curated...
19 Nov 2016 - 17 Dec 2016
São Paulo
Estado(s) de Emergência
Estado(s) de Emergência (State(s) of Emergency) presents works made by sixteen contemporary artists...
01 Sep 2018 - 15 Dec 2018
Paço das Artes
São Paulo
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