Jake & Dinos Chapman

Rack ‘em up: British Contemporary Editions
Rack ’em up: British Contemporary Editions, 1990 – 2000 focusses on editions produced by the...
04 Mar 2015 - 27 Mar 2015
Sleepless, The Bed in History of Contemporary Art
An item usually associated with sleep, the bed has accompanied us throughout human history. As an object,...
30 Jan 2015 - 07 Jun 2015
Like a Prayer
The news media informs us daily about the uncertain state of the world, rife with incomprehensible violence,...
11 Sep 2015 - 13 Dec 2015
Magasin III
Jake & Dinos Chapman, Francisco Goya: The Nature of Particles
With drawing, sculpture and film that often combine scenes of violence with absurd or humorous elements,...
26 Feb 2016 - 05 Jun 2016
Magasin III
Jake & Dinos Chapman: The Disasters of Everyday Life
This is the first exhibition by the artists with the Gallery. For the show, Jake & Dinos Chapman...
04 Oct 2017 - 11 Nov 2017
Collection David H. Brolliet, Geneva
The Fondation Fernet Branca presents an exhibition of the collection of David Brolliet, collector from...
27 May 2018 - 30 Sep 2018
Fondation Fernet-Branca