Justine Gaga

Born in Bonendale, 1974

Justine Gaga, portrait.
Justine Gaga, portrait.

The Cameroon artist Justine Gaga is a sculptor and video artist. She lives in Bonendale, where she has been collaborating with her mentor Goddy Leye at the ArtBakery for many years. Justine Gaga exhibits her work internationally. In 2014, she participated in DAK’ART in Dakar. With her installations, objects, and video works, the artist offers critical commentary on the living conditions and ascriptions within contemporary society. She integrates the existential experience of fragility, loneliness, and isolation into works that are characterized by resistance and revolt. By challenging hypocrisy and social control, the artist redefines herself as woman and human being, thus reclaiming integrity and independence.

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