Justine Neuberger

Born in New York, 1993

Justine Neuberger, portrait.
Justine Neuberger, portrait.

Justine Neuberger was born in 1993 in New York, lives and works in New York, NY.

Recent solo show: Firmament of Time, Clima, Milan, (2021); Night Shift, 17 Essex Gallery, New York, NY -double solo show (2019); Green World, 15 Orient, New York, NY (2019).

Recent group exhibitions: Free Fall, Shoot the Lobster, Los Angeles (2021); Monster, curated by Liam Considine, Svetlana, New York (2020); Ozymandias, Neumann Wolfson Art Gallery, New York (2019); Millenial Thrust: Featuring NYC Natives, Theater for the New York City, New York (2019); Art Not Jail, Young New Yorkers, New York (2018); Sweet Ice, Acid Art Space, New York (2017); Abjection, 55th street collaborations, Brooklyn, NY; Grand Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2015);  The Jew as the “Other,” Abrazo Interno Gallery, New York (2015); Senior Showcase, Fischer Gallery, Oberlin College, OH (2015); EVA Award Show, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (2015); Don’t unplug me, Baron Gallery Oberlin College, OH(2015); Xenia, Xenia Basement, Oberlin College, OH (2014); Off the Walls, Finney Chapel, Oberlin, OH (2013); Subliminal, Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY (2012).

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