Lin Yan

Lin Yan grew up within a distinguished family of artists (Pang Xunqin is her grandfather) and was exposed to art at an early age. She studied oil painting at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and later continued her studies in Paris and the United States, where installation art became her focus.  Although untrained in traditional ink painting, Lin has always been drawn to the expressiveness of paper and ink, and claimed these materials as her own. Utilizing paper and ink as her own personal vocabulary, Lin Yan draws from her surroundings and life experiences to craft intimate, installation-based works that seem to live and breathe of their own accord.

Lin Yan, Wei Jia: A Garden Window
Kwai Fung Art Gallery presents A Garden Window, a joint exhibition of Lin Yan and Wei Jia, which will...
16 Nov 2015 - 16 Dec 2015
Hong Kong
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