Liu Jiayu

Born in Liaoning, 1990 and lives in London, Beijing

Liu Jiayu, portrait.
Liu Jiayu, portrait.

Liu Jiayu was born in Liaoning, China and she is based in London & Beijing. She earned an MA at the Royal College of Art.

Jiayu works in the integrative and interdisciplinary realm of art, design, and technology, with a particular interest in the language of installation. Her artwork has always tried to provoke behaviour responses and emotional resonance from audiences without giving away any instructions or explanations. She also hopes the viewers discuss the multiple relationships between humans and nature, and explore the complex perspective held by people to observe nature.

Her projects have been featured internationally and she has exhibited in museums and galleries including V&A, K11Art Space,HexiangNing Museum ,Today Art Museum, London Design Festival, Kinetic Art Fair, London Fashion Week.

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