Margherita Morgantin

Born in Venice, 1971

Margherita Morgantin employs a range of media, including performance, video, drawing, photography and installation work. Measurements, patterns and attempts to fix and interpret the existent through real or parodied laws give rise, in the artist’s work, to a constantly changing visual language. In her videos the narrative acquires form in the succession of rarefied and fragmentary images; in the drawings, executed with quickly rendered, essential lines, the bond between interior forms and subject acts as an instrument for reading things and for their fragile interpretation.
Morgantin’s studies stem from an exploration of the methods for predicting natural light. Beginning with this formation of the atmosphere in physics, the artist develops an intimate, personal poetics that holds together mind and feelings, artistic vision and scientific influence. Her interest in language and its possible wanderings and relations is the reason for her quest, while philosophy and physics are the forms from which to start.

Materiche exhibition project is characterized by a marked female identity, made up of the work of nine female artists
05 Jun 2020 - 31 Jul 2020
M9 – Museo del ’900
Embracing the Moment
Three artists in dialogue. An open question on the nature of relationships. Endless question which multiplies...
25 Nov 2017 - 06 Jan 2018
Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space and Gallery
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