Markus Selg

Born in Singen, 1974 and lives in Berlin

Emanating from an individual artistic position, Markus Selg works with a broad bandwidth of media: he makes use of painting, sculpture, computer technology as well as film and video. In his complex installations one finds an individual integration of space structures and very exceptional lighting arrangements. The main roles within these scenarios are played by universal and eternally recurring archetype motives of human history and mythology: creation, decline, loss and resurrection.
The central and formal principle of the work of Markus Selg is collage and montage techniques, with which he dissolves the continuously defined image space of his installations without neglecting the closeness and expressivity of his work. In most cases his pictures are printed on cloth and act through the brightness of colours, which densifies symbolic and iconic figurations and picture segments into seemingly organic picture bodies.
Markus Selg was a member of the legendary Akademie Isotrop, a Hamburg based association of artists, which strove for a self-governed artistic education opposing or rather amending institutionalized schooling at art academies. Selg has been holding exhibitions and working on projects for different galleries in the Czech Republic since 2004.

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