Marzia Migliora

Born in Alessandria, 1972 and lives in Turin, Italy

In her artistic research, Marzia Migliora uses a wide range of media including photography, video, sound, performance, installation and drawing. Her works stem from careful observation of the individual and everyday life: the artist draws on minor occurrences, current events and personal memories to investigate themes such as identity, contradiction, desire and responsibility, touching on present and past history and establishing a connection between places and narratives. Her projects ask questions aimed at actively engaging the viewer, who becomes the protagonist without whom the work cannot be whole. The result is a multifaceted piece, which prompts the audience to take part in an emotionally-charged and intellectually-stimulating shared experience. She has been represented by Lia Rumma Gallery since 2007

Rethinking Nature
Over 40 Italian and international artists and collectives from 22 countries come together to reflect the role of contemporary art practice in addressing our environmental challenges.
17 Dec 2021 - 02 May 2022
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Lia Rumma, Milan
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