Born in Ulanqab, 1984 and lives in Beijing, China

Departing from a focus on objects themselves, Nabuqi’s work extends to the relationship between objects and the human body, as well as the variations of individual perceptions within different spaces and environments. The Object series focuses on the independence of the object, in particular its relationship of mutual influence and contrast with the body. A View Beyond Space juxtaposes two different types of spaces (one real and one imaginary) in order to observe the body’s differing responses to these spaces. In her recent works, Nabuqi combines individual sculptural pieces to render a sense of fragmentation within space. Interested in extending these notions to the broader parameter of public space, Nabuqi aims to thereby address the individual’s relationship with his or her environment.

Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries present “Slippages”, an exhibition that addresses play of...
12 Nov 2016 - 31 Dec 2016
Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai
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