Lindy Nsingo

Nsingo was born in Zambia, raised in Belgium and South Africa, before moving to the United Kingdom to complete her Bachelor of Arts at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds in 2009, followed by a Masters of Arts, with a specialisation in choreography, at the London Contemporary Dance School in 2012. Drawing upon her personal migratory experience, she has established a unique movement aesthetic that speaks to the essential human desire to belong in a constantly spinning world.
Possessing a background in traditional ballet, hip-hop and theatre, Nsingo is particularly influenced by both Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham techniques.
In recent years, Nsingo’s innovative, bold and athletic work has led her to a series of collaborations with world-renowned visual artists including Shaun Gladwell, Trey Ratcliff and Lena Liv.
In addition to her fashion and art collaborations, Nsingo has also consulted with numerous contemporary musicians providing movement coaching for live performances and acting as artistic director for music videos.

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