Alek O.

Born in Buenos Aires, 1981 and lives in Milan

Alek O. was born in Buenos Aires (1981). She graduated in industrial design at Politecnico di Milano, Milan in 2005. She lives and works in Como, Italy. Her practice blends notions of the readymade with craft, embroidery, painting and other traditional conventions of art making. Her choice of material indicates her personal interest in the re-use of everyday objects but also reflects the anecdotal significance of what she has transformed. Objects that are (re)used in her creations often have personal meanings: umbrellas used in a vacation to the beach, tables used in her family’s house and sweaters worn by the artist are but a few of her compositional elements. Parasols, gloves found and collected by the artist and a wide range of other goods carry with them the stories of past owners and memories.