Benedetto Pietromarchi

Born in Rome, 1972 and lives in Rome, Italy

Benedetto Pietromarchi is an Italian Postwar & Contemporary artist and sculptor who was born in 1972. He has been exploring the realm of psychogeography, an area of geography investigating how the geographical environment affects the behaviour of individuals. The artist’s most recent pieces are greatly influenced by this fascination, despite the apparent absence of many psychogeography-related themes. Consequently, Pietromarchi’s work is an epitome of a variety of subtle allusions and diverse inspirations, that make his work so intriguing and understated. Pietromarchi’s classical education gave him dexterity over a broad range of studio disciplines. A studio visit organised by ArtSet offers a unique insight into a great variety of his work including drawings, photographs, ceramic objects, and an alluring diorama construction. He has held exhibitions internationally in London, Bogotá, Rome, Milan, Cairo, Berlin, amongst others.

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Josh Lilley Gallery
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