Laerte Ramos

Singularities/Notes: Rumos Artes Visuais 1998-2013
To celebrate having supported the production of over one thousand artists and researchers from all over...
16 Oct 2015 - 29 Nov 2015
Paço Imperial
Rio de Janeiro
Vértice [Vortex] departs from the Sérgio Carvalho’s collection to present more than 200 works by...
14 Oct 2015 - 13 Dec 2015
Centro Cultural Correios Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
TRIO Bienal: Transversalidades das Identidades Tropicais
Transversalidades das Identidades Tropicais [Transversals of Tropical Identities], part of the TRIO Bienal,...
12 Sep 2015 - 26 Nov 2015
Museu Histórico Nacional
Rio de Janeiro
Laerte Ramos: Form of Reuse
Blau Projects announces the exhibition “Forma de Reuso” by Laerte Ramos. The exhibition of...
01 Oct 2016 - 05 Nov 2016
São Paulo
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