Tobias Rehberger

Born in Esslingen, 1966 and lives in Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany

Tobias Rehberger is a German artist working within the realms of architecture and design to explore the intersection of the two disciplines within art. His interactive installations alter gallery spaces and investigate the role of functional objects within this context, creating unexpected visual combinations and experiences for the viewer. “I am neither an expert in design nor I am particularly interested in it,” the artist has explained. “I am interested in all kinds of strategies that I used from other fields that I think could pose interesting questions from the point of view of art, but I see myself completely and totally as an artist and as a sculptor, so to say.” Born on June 2, 1966 in Esslingen, Germany, he studied with Martin Kippenberger at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, who had a large influence on his work—“What he, in the end, taught me was that the center of production of art is the doubt of art.” Rehberger has mounted solo exhibitions at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, the Stedilijk Museum in Amsterdam, and the Artelier Contemporary in Graz, among others.

Tobias Rehberger: I am me (except when I pretend I am her)
A special project for the Beijing Gallery Weekend.
26 Jun 2022 - 20 Jan 2023
Galleria Continua – Beijing
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