Salifou Lindou

Born in Foumban, 1965

Salifou Lindou, portrait.
Salifou Lindou, portrait.

Visual artist and sculptor, Salifou Lindou was born in 1965 in Foumban, a major community for the Bamoun people of Cameroon. Lindou places human physiognomy and its constitution at the nucleus of his works, using natural pigments to depict the complexities of humanity in all of its facets. For Lindou, the body is a malleable form, plied and tried to enlighten us with ideas and stories of human fate, struggle and resistance. His drawings empathetically reveal the challenges of everyday living and stem from a multitude of subjectivities and origins. Employing a variety of materials, such as metal sheeting, soil, leather, glass, steel, sand, and burlap, he alchemises material compounds to create his bewitching works.

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