Sammy N. Buhle

Born in Banaue, 1989

Sammy Buhle belongs to the younger generation of weaving artisans of Ifugao Province.  He comes from a family of weavers who taught him the art of weaving at an early age.  Born in 1989 in Banaue, he acknowledges his maternal grandmother Kittayan Niploy, a respected and well-known weaver in her time, and his mother Angelina Niploy who continues to weave using a backstrap loom. His father Fernando Buhle specializes in dyeing and is a weaver as well. Buhle studied management accounting at St Mary’s University and accounting at Aldersgate College in Nueva Vizcaya but decided to pursue his passion for weaving. He now manages the family weaving house, which was established in Hingyon in 1982, and actively participates in textile fairs.

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