Sandhya Sethu

Lives in Dubai

Sandhya Sethu in her studio.
Sandhya Sethu in her studio.

Although originally from India, Sandhya Sethu spent her childhood in Nigeria, America, India, and most recently, Dubai. As an artist, Sandhya feels as though she has never truly belonged to one place. Therefore, this is directly reflected in the work that she creates. Her pieces are inspired by all the places that she has had the pleasure to live; essentially they are an amalgamation of everything that she has seen and felt, a hybrid of each nation’s cultures and societies.

As a world created exclusively by the artist, Sandhya describes her art as a happy universe with super-saturated colours, which draw inspiration from her Indian heritage, her Nigerian love for celebration, and everything else that falls in between. Her work revolves around colourful still life paintings and a universe of fictional characters. Belonging to a slightly odd dimension, the light in each region of a piece varies so that the same object never looks the same in a different place. Sandhya’s earliest memory of happiness is entwined in the simplicity of drawing flowers on a piece of paper, which to this day brings her tremendous amounts of joy. For the artist, this is what makes the most sense. The ability to be as bold and as loud as she wants, without saying anything at all, lies at the core of her ethos.

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