Julia Sarisetiati

Born in Jakarta, 1981 and lives in Jakarta

Julia Sarisetiati’s last formal education was at Photography Department, Faculty of Art & Design, Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.
She is an artist, photographer and curator who is part of ruangrupa, an artist collective and artist intiated space based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ruangrupa supports the progress of art ideas within the urban context and the larger scope of the culture, by means of exhibitions, festivals, art labs, workshops, research, and publications. Sari is one of the creative directors of RURU Corps (, a visual communication agency that was founded by three art organisations in Jakarta – ruangrupa, Forum Lenteng and Serrum. Past projects include SIASET – 15th Jakarta Biennial in 2013; Turning Target #5: Dobrak!  – 25th Anniversary of Cemeti, Cemeti Art House, Yoyakarta in 2013; and Singapore Biennale in 2011.