Augustas Serapinas

Born in Vilnius, 1990 and lives in Vilnius, Lithuania

Augustas Serapinas’ practice begins from an empathetic consideration of the people who create and constitute the organisations and structures within which we work. Through engaging with the innocuous and overlooked details that build to define a life, Serapinas uses his studies of personal domestic situations and relationships as an insight to broader institutional working. Through reimagining and restaging in between spaces – the private area of a public building, Serapinas complicates and problematises the assumptions that are attached to them, not only within art institutions, but the broader infrastructural context that they operate within. Serapinas’ practice considers both the structure and function of the art institution and the architectural manifestation that enables this. Within previous projects, Serapinas has offered the host organisation itself for display in a gesture that complicates the institution’s normal function and exposes it as an enigmatic structure that belies its openness.

More Than Lovers, More Than Friends
More Than Lovers, More Than Friends implodes the aggregate of divergent fields. The dynamic movement...
21 Jun 2016 - 11 Sep 2016
East Central Europe
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