Giovanna Silva

Lives in Milan

Giovanna Silva
Giovanna Silva

Giovanna Silva lives and works in Milano. From 2005 to 2011 she contributed the journals Domus and Abitare. Her books include Desertions (2007, A+M bookstore); Narratives/Relazioni: Baghdad, Green Zone, Red Zone, Babylon (2012); Libya: Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley (2013); Foxtrot Gate: Cyprus (2014); Syria: a Travel Guide to Disappereance (2016); Afghanistan 0Rh- (2017); 17 April 1975 (2018); Tehran (2019, all Mousse Publishing); Good Boy 0372 (2016) and Walk like an Egyptian (2017, Motto books); Palmyrah and Niemeyer 4ever (2019, Art Paper Editions); Mr. Bawa, I Presume (2020, Hatje Cantz); and UN (2020, bruno). In 2014, she participated in the Venice Architectural Biennale with the exhibition Nightswimming, Discotheques in Italy from the 1960s until now. A book about the project was published by Bedford Press (Architectural Association, London). She is the founder and editor of Humboldt Books. She is part of the editorial board of San Rocco Magazine. She teaches at NABA Milan, IUAV Venice, and ISIA Urbino.

Giovanna Silva: Narratives/Relazioni
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09 Jul 2021 - 05 Sep 2021
Bevilacqua La Masa – Palazzetto Tito
No Photos on the Dance Floor!
Curated by Heiko Hoffmann, together with C/O Berlin’s chief curator Felix Hoffmann, the exhibition...
13 Sep 2019 - 30 Nov 2019
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