Suh Dasom

Lives in Gwangju and Seoul

Suh Dasom is an artist and curator based in Gwangju and Seoul. Her works are related to handwork such as needlework and culinary practices. In 2021, she co-curated Before the Law, an exhibition to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Unesco entry of Archives of 5.18 Democratization Movement, and Partners involved as a writer in Post 5.18. In 2018, she participated as a speaker to present Minjung Art: The Power of the Crowds that Go Beyond its Failure, in an international conference organized by the May 18 Memorial Foundation.

to where the flowers are blooming
The Gwangju Biennale presents an exhibition on 5.18 Democratization Movement during the 59th Venice Biennale.
20 Apr 2022 - 27 Nov 2022
Spazio Berlendis
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