Güneş Terkol

Born in Ankara, 1981 and lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Güneş Terkol is a Turkish artist based in Istanbul. Güneş Terkol’s works are shaped by the artist’s personal history and the environment, the relationships and social conditions she encounters and is often realized using found materials. She applies ambiguous characters with no narrative beginning or end outlined in black needlework or ink drawn directly onto fabric. The framework of a piece is often determined by the size, quantity, texture or colour of cloth she finds. The vague nature of her work’s borders invite the viewer to shed a passive stance in order to assume the role of the narrator. Another source of inspiration for Terkol’s personal practise is her collective work; joint actions with feminist activists and the performances she takes part in as a member of the artists’ initiative Ha Za Vu Zu. These collaborative projects allow Terkol to explore unconventional production environments and creative and intellectual cross-pollination.