Lena Maria Thüring

Born in Basel, 1981 and lives in Zürich, Switzerland

Lena Maria Thüring’s work explores individual stories in a reflection on social systems and their underlying constructions using various media, such as photography, performance, video or installation.
The interview forms both the starting point and the staging ground for much of Lena Maria Thüring’s recent filmic work. Her films and videos explore how individuals forge their identities and shield their memories in the shadow of larger group dynamics and the socio-political systems in which they are cast, using personal narrative—its gaps and elisions, its specificity and opacity—to reveal how meaning is constructed, projected, protected, and perhaps deconstructed. Detaching the spoken narrative from the subjects’ bodies and even their voices, Thüring creates a fissure between seeing and hearing, identity and biography. Within this space we can consider the nature of memory, the power of words, and the significance of all that remains unsaid.

The performance and exhibition project Aggregates relates the materiality of water and its capacity for...
19 Sep 2021 - 24 Oct 2021
Ausstellungsraum Klingental
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