José Yaque

Born in Manzanillo, 1985

José Yaque
José Yaque

Having graduated in plastic arts from the Higher Institute of Art in Havana in 2011, José Yaque represents the youngest generation of Cuban artists.
The force and sensuality of the pictorial technique employed by Yaque to realize his paintings might be likened to action painting; but in actual fact the artist enters into a new dialectical form with the empty canvas, implementing a kind of performative action that is not manifest as part of the work but which certainly determines the result. Yaque uses just his hands to mix the paints and apply them to the canvas. He digs to reach the source, to find the source of life by achieving a sensorial transposition that is conveyed onto his canvases with a methodical, almost ritual process. The colours blend together, creating discontinuous lines and forming a magma that is transformed once again when the artist wraps the paintings in a plastic film. When the drying process is complete, he removes the protective layer. The result is an eroded painting. The plastic has the same effect on the canvas as wind and water on the earth’s surface. – See more at:

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