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A Bela e a Fera (Beauty and the Beast)

Central Galeria

07 Jun 201705 Aug 2017

Curated by artis Leda Catunda, the group show reflects on the concepts of beauty and ugliness today. Thanks to internet, and the huge amount of images it circulates everyday, the idea of beauty is nowadays changing with an impressive and never seen before pace. And so are the ideas of good taste and ugly. The eight artists in show, try to convey here their individual visions playing with the current ideals of beauty, ugliness and taste using paintings, photographs, drawings, objects and videos.

  • Erika Verzutti, Leda, 2005, courtesy of Central GaleriaErika Verzutti, Leda, 2005, courtesy of Central Galeria

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Leda Catunda

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Destination: São Paulo
Where: Central Galeria
Type: Opening

Opening of “A Bela e a Fera”

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