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A triple tour, works from the Pinault Collection

21 Oct 201306 Jan 2014

The Centre des monuments nationaux presents A triple tour, an exhibition of works from the Pinault Collection, curated by Caroline Bourgeois. The works have been selected on the theme of imprisonment, a theme that resonates with the setting of the Conciergerie, which was once a place of detention. The scenography has been entrusted to architects Caroline Barat and Thomas Dubuisson, of design firm Agence Search.

A triple tour presents nearly 50 selected works by 23 artists in a space covering 1500 square meters. These works, most of which have never previously been exhibited, offer a range of singular points of view on this subject, which runs throughout human history.

The exhibition is thus based around two major themes: imprisonment resulting from exogenous factors (such as political and ecological crises and urban violence), and personal imprisonment as a consequence of an individual’s relationship with him or herself.

  • Raphaêlle Ricol
 Malgré, La différence, 2009. © Raphaëlle Ricol, Photo :Philippe FuzeauRaphaêlle Ricol
 Malgré, La différence, 2009. © Raphaëlle Ricol, Photo :Philippe Fuzeau

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