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Anna Boghiguian: Le carré, la ligne et la règle

Beaux-Arts de Paris

10 Oct 201924 Nov 2019

In the frame of the Festival d’Automne à Paris, Beaux-Arts de Paris presents a solo show by the artist Anna Boghiguian.

The narrative elements she introduces, a mixture of the personal and the political, deconstruct the real in order to gain access to the mythological and the universal. In response to an ever-changing world, Anna Boghiguian chooses to use wax, a medium which is both solid and liquid, echoing the brief nature of life as it flows through our bodies… before disappearing into the great cycle of nature.

In the grandiose ‘cour vitrée’ or glass-roofed interior courtyard of the Palais des études des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Anna Boghiguian conjures up a vast chessboard reflecting the rich, tumultuous relations between individuals in a world subject to incessant transformations.

  • © Anna Boghiguian, Courtesy of Beaux Arts de Paris© Anna Boghiguian, Courtesy of Beaux Arts de Paris

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Anna Boghiguian

Anna Boghiguian

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