Venice - Exhibition

Antarctic Pavilion

Palazzo Molin

11 May 201730 Jul 2017

The Russian artist, seaman and philosopher Alexander Ponomarev but also project’s founder and Commissioner, presents the Antarctic Pavilion during the 57th Venice Biennale as final step of the expedition of the First International Antarctic Biennale, held under the patronage of UNESCO on March 2017.

The project involved about 100 people among artists, architects, researchers, poets, writers, musicians and philosophers from different countries who reached the Antarctic Circle leaving from the port of Ushuaia on board of a scientific research vessel, the Academic Sergei Vavilov. The group show features objects, photo and video documentation of the voyage in the region of the South Polar Circle. The works created amidst the ice of the Antarctic and first exhibited there, will be then on view at leading exhibition venues and museums.

Opening Hours:
May 12 – 6 pm
June-July 2 – 6 pm
Day off Tuesday

  • Courtesy of Antarctic BiennaleCourtesy of Antarctic Biennale

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Destination: Venice
Where: Palazzo Molin
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