Zhang Enli

Born in Shanghai, 1965 and lives in Shanghai

Zhang Enli graduated from Wuxi Technical University, Arts and Design Institute in 1989 and currently living in Shanghai. For Zhang Enli, painting itself is a vital activity, no matter his brushes are featuring human activities or illustrating daily objects.
As a painter who depicts the world in the perspective of daily life, Zhang devotes same attention and passion into every single bucket, wardrobe and individual. All the involved presentation is not only a re-presentation but an expression as well. Regarding the painting skills, a specific texture and volume of a single object or a group could be sensed through the transformation and conversion of lines and dimensions. Immersed in the inherent space of canvas, some of the objects in the paintings give a feeling that they are dissolved in the thin paint.
In terms of his space painting installations, what does matter is that he breaks all the conventions of the installation art today. Instead of placing single object together to create a so-called installation, ZHANG focuses on the installation art which speaks an artistic language of painting. While entering his painting installation, what stands among visitors is a dual sense of emptiness that integrated between the time and space. The beingness and the loneliness of the removed objects are featured by the traces they have left in the space. In this circumstance, the involvement of thinking and visualising generated between ‘existence’ and ‘nothingness’ in his paintings, has stimulated much reflection about the idea.

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