New York - Exhibition

Between the Waters

Whitney Museum of American Art

09 Mar 201830 Nov 2018

The exhibition brings together a group of emerging artists: Carolina Caycedo, Demian DinéYazhi´ with Ginger Dunnill, Torkwase Dyson, Cy Gavin, Lena Henke, and Erin Jane Nelson. Their work explores the relationship between the land, systems of use or governance of the land, and the forms or ways of life that exist on the land.

The works present a wide range of subjects, from communities affected by hydroelectric-dam construction in South America to those displaced during the controversial transformation of New York in the mid-twentieth century by city official Robert Moses. They draw from distinct visual traditions, including Southern handcraft, sixteenth-century architecture, history painting, and hard-edge abstraction. Through their varied interests and formal approaches, all of these artists assert the relevance of individual experience and perspective to address concerns that are global in scale and effect.

  • Gavin Cy, Aubade II (Spittal Pond), 2016Gavin Cy, Aubade II (Spittal Pond), 2016

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