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Cosey Fanni Tutti

Cabinet London

22 Sep 201704 Nov 2017

Cabinet London presents a solo show by performer and musician Cosey Fanni Tutti. From the curatorial text:

“What happens when you re-code commodity exchange from the side of labour, by selling objects back to capital, so to speak, to claim a sense of autonomy for the object in an act of re-circulation. And how does that complicate the performative acts that sex and art produce and their structurally dissimilar passages of labour, as Andrea Fraser investigates, for example, in Untitled (2003)? That is, what happens when acts of (self-) commodification imbricate themselves first as sex and then as art, as different manifestations of goods? Furthermore, how does one define a ‘practice’ within this ramified field–who produces what and what produces who?”

  • Cosey Fanni TuttiCosey Fanni Tutti

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