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Delfina in SongEun: Power play

SongEun ArtSpace

30 Aug 201801 Dec 2018

Through humour, subversion and provocation, “Delfina in SongEun: Power play” explores the complex nature of friendship and the power dynamics at play within relationships between individuals, institutions and the state.

“Power play” aims to demonstrate different strategies employed by artists to playfully or provocatively interrogate the political consequences of friendship.  Ten former resident artists of Delfina Foundation have been invited by its director Aaron Cezar to participate in this major group show with solo and newly commissioned collaborative works. The exhibition responds to different types of power relationships, from the personal to the communal, including those between humans and nature (environmental); artists and audiences (participation); guests and hosts (hospitality); individuals and the state (citizenship); and nation-states (diplomacy).

  • Ala Younis, Ala Younis, "Tin Soldiers", 2010-2012, ©SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation and the Artist. All rights reserved

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Aaron Cezar. Photo Tim Bowditch. Courtesy Delfina Foundation

Aaron Cezar

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Destination: Seoul
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Destination: Seoul
Where: SongEun ArtSpace
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