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Elena Alonso: Visita Guiada

Matadero Madrid

10 Feb 201730 Jul 2017

Elena Alonso (Madrid, 1981) is the next artist to intervene in Matadero program Abierto x Obras.

Elena Alonso develops her work mainly through drawing, relating it to other disciplines such as architecture, crafts or design, and paying special attention to the problems related to the affectivity with the environment. She has exhibited individually in Espacio Valverde (Composition of place, 2014, The cover, 2012); in the Room of Young Art of the Community of Madrid, within program 9, a project on contemporary drawing (2011); in A.C. Noon Girl (Conditions and personal effects, 2010), and in the Cable Factory of Helsinki (Paredes de piel, 2007).

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