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Faurschou Foundation in Venice

10 May 201901 Sep 2019

Presented by Faurschou Foundation, “Entropy” explores the works of seven Chinese contemporary artists: divided into seven sections, each dedicated to the work of one of the seven artists, the exhibition offers an insight into the complexity of the ever-evolving art scene in China today. While the artists share the experience of being born and raised in a rapidly changing China, marked by economic growth and cultural exchange, the exhibition allows each of their distinct voices to be heard. Like the scientific term “entropy,” which is a measurement of the number of possible states in a given system, the exhibition marks one voice of China, formed by many, and can be interpreted and experienced in various ways.

  • Courtesy of Faurschou FoundationCourtesy of Faurschou Foundation

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Special Events

Destination: Venice
Where: Faurschou Foundation in Venice
Type: Opening

Opening and performance by Chen Tianzhuo

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