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I Am a Crack, I Want to Tear Through Walls. Works From the Peters-Messer and Miettinen Collection

Salon Dahlmann

22 Sep 201815 Dec 2018

The collective exhibition I Am a Crack, I Want to Tear Through Walls (Ich bin ein Riss ich will durch Wände gehen) features different art positions which dealt with the issue of space, showing works from the Sammlung Peters-Messer and the Miettinen Collection.

The show investigates the evolution in the conception of space during time, since social, political and cultural situations have always been closely tied to the places in which they happen. With the upheavals in the spatial and social order that took place at the beginning of the 20thcentury, the issue of space became a matter of public debate. Also intellectuals of different fields have dealt with this issue over time, such as the architects Le Corbusier and Loos, the sociologist Sakia Sassen and even Sigmund Freud.



  • Thomas Struth, Thomas Struth, "Leverkusen", 1980, courtesy Sammlung Peters-Messer

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Destination: Berlin
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