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Manfred Pernice


06 Feb 201631 Mar 2016

Lulu hosts a solo exhibition of the German, Berlin-based sculptor Manfred Pernice (b. 1963). The exhibition focuses on the artist’s on-going cassettes series. Probably the most pictorial aspect of Pernice’s work, the cassettes consist largely of metal/wooden armatures with glass coverings inside of which the artist places two-dimensional material in what he refers to as “a sorting system”.

This sorted material can be everything from images, newspaper clippings, a napkin, texts, in one case, images of his own work, so and so forth. Unfixed inside the cassettes loose leaf, so to speak, the material is subject to the same provisionality and indeterminacy that is known to characterize his sculpture, and as such, functions as unstable elements of what could almost be considered “living collages”.

  • Manfred PerniceManfred Pernice
  • Manfred Pernice, blubber(t) exhibition view at Kondrad Fischer, Berlin, 2013Manfred Pernice, blubber(t) exhibition view at Kondrad Fischer, Berlin, 2013

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Manfred Pernice

Manfred Pernice

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Destination: Mexico City
Where: Lulu
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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