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Mathias Goeritz: Variations for Ursa

Museo Experimental El Eco

17 Jan 201627 Mar 2016

Variations for Ursa is an installation of two sculptures by Mathias Goeritz in dialogue with visual documents belonging to the Institute of Astronomy (UNAM). The piece speculates about the human attempts to understand the Universe based on science and art.

The constellation of Ursa Mayor is one of the most visible stellar groups in the northern hemisphere of the Earth and has been through the ages one of the main objects of interpretations of the human history from the occidental cosmic mysticism. The show presents a series of sculptures installed in the Daniel Mont hall in dialogue with video documentaries from the Instituto de Astronomer de la UNAM, exploring the idea of how the human kind has been trying to figure the universe out through science and art since its beginning.

  • Mathias GoeritzMathias Goeritz
  • Museo el EcoMuseo el Eco

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