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No Photos on the Dance Floor!

C/O Berlin

13 Sep 201930 Nov 2019

Curated by Heiko Hoffmann, together with C/O Berlin’s chief curator Felix Hoffmann, the exhibition retraces the story of Berlin from 1989 until today through a series of iconic photographs by major international artists. It documents the history of Berlin’s club scene since the fall of the Wall and brings that history to life in club nights at C/O Berlin.

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, clubs, bars, galleries, and studios began popping up everywhere, filling empty buildings, factories, and vacant lots with life. This young club and cultural scene became the driving force behind the city’s rejuvenation, pointing the way for a new generation of young creatives. And while techno was not invented in Berlin, what was happening in the city during this period at events like Tekknozid and in clubs like Ufo, Tresor, and Planet can be seen as a kind of “big bang”—the inception of the last major youth culture movement in Europe to date.

  • Wolfgang Tillmans, Untitled, 2012Wolfgang Tillmans, Untitled, 2012

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Destination: Berlin
Where: C/O Berlin
Type: Opening
Admission: Free

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