Palermo - Exhibition

Per Barclay: Bianco Palermo

Francesco Pantaleone

01 Oct 201626 Nov 2016

Absolute purity, a fascinating architecture and the work of a refined artist are the ingredients of the “Bianco Palermo” project exhibited at the Francesco Pantaleone Contemporary Art Gallery of Palermo.

Per Barclay signed a site-specific work for Palermo by using one of the most hidden and mystical places in town, the 17-century oratory of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, one of the most interesting specimens of a distant beauty combined with strict aesthetic rules, although still with many superimpositions, from a Baroque culture until the Neoclassical period. 

It is in this place that Per Barclay has created a time detached from any reference to the real world, to return, through his large-size works, a sequence of unrepeatable, rarefied and suspended moments.

  • Per Barclay, Santa Caterina #6, Courtesy of Francesco PantaleonePer Barclay, Santa Caterina #6, Courtesy of Francesco Pantaleone

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