Bogotá - Exhibition

Pia Camil & Ofelia Rodríguez

Instituto de Visión

27 Oct 201715 Dec 2017

Titled “Deshechas“, the exhibition at Instituto de Vision proposes a dialogue between artists of different generations to draw new constellations that give meaning to Latin American conceptual past.

Rodríguez (Barranquilla, 1946)’s work is characterized by integrating discursive elements typical of the literature of her region, with techniques such as collage or assemblage to create her own vocabulary whose recurring symbols generate a rather original logic with which she portrays the most transcendent moments of her experience.
Camil (Mexico, 1980) represents a very particular vision of contemporaneity as her work appropriates schemes from realms that are not necessarily related to fine arts, such as informal commerce or illegal economies in order to generate relations that point, in this specific case, to the place occupied by the imaginary of the domestic in society.

  • Exhibition view, 2017, Instituto de VisiónExhibition view, 2017, Instituto de Visión

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