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Pulgares que Escriben y Se Deslizan de DIS

La Casa Encendida

02 Feb 201813 May 2018

(Pulgares que Escriben y Se Deslizan de DIS – Thumbs Writing and Sliding). DIS, a collective based in New York made up of Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Marco Roso and David Toro, works in a wide range of formats and, recently, has changed its platform and has gone from an online magazine to a channel of streaming education and entertainment video on
It seems that we have lost our heads: who needs a brain when we have thumbs that can write and slide across the screen, searching for knowledge in an ocean of information too extensive online for the capacity of a human mind. The result of the collaboration between an international group of writers, innovators and artists is presented here in three immersive installations.

  • Pulgares que Escriben y se Deslizan de DIS, La Casa EncendidaPulgares que Escriben y se Deslizan de DIS, La Casa Encendida

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