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Spirit of Geneva: Narrative Painting from the Geneva Area

Kunsthalle Palazzo

05 May 201824 Jun 2018

Since the beginning of classical modernism in the early 20th century, painting has been shaped by two fundamental painterly principles or tendencies: figuration and abstraction. Both tendencies were pursued in parallel for many years until figurative painting visibly lost its importance towards the end of the twentieth century and at times was ignored.

The exhibition is an illogical attempt to show the different positions that have grown out of this environment. It is amazing how pleasurably and seriously deepened figurative content is sought and reproduced. The works are heterogeneous to each other, their approaches differ in their referential connection and conception. References to cartoons, comics and other contemporary paintings become visible, and classic subjects such as portraiture and landscape are added.

  • Courtesy of Kunsthalle PalazzoCourtesy of Kunsthalle Palazzo

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