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Teresa Solar Abboud: Cabalga cabalga cabalga

Matadero Madrid

16 Feb 201829 Jul 2018

The artist Teresa Solar Abboud (Madrid 1985) exhibits her latest work, Cabalga cabalga cabalga, within “Abierto x Obras” at the Centre for Artists Residencies.

In the artist’s words: “The exhibition is part of the Museum of Comparative Anatomy of Paris, a very peculiar space in which a huge collection of skeletons of vertebrate animals are grouped very close to each other in such a way that the viewer is able to compare the skeleton of a whale, with that of a sperm whale, with that of a shark, with that of an orca. This is the axis that I have chosen for my exhibition in Matadero, in which similar forms in thematic and in morphology create a complex landscape, and they delve into various lines of thought, among others, the representation of nocturnal forms, the smooth, the frontier, the representation of the body, the flight forward. “

  • Exhibition view, 2018. Photo by Paco LeónExhibition view, 2018. Photo by Paco León

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