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The Most Dangerous Game

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

27 Sep 201810 Dec 2018

The Most Dangerous Game investigates a new envisioning of the years in which the Situationist International (S.I.) articulated its critique. After a first project of a revolutionary action in the culture field, its participants shift its propaganda to the political sphere. The exhibition’s title refers to a lost collage created by one of S.I.’s co-founders, Guy Debord and recalls the two sides of Situationist spirit, the earnest one and, on the other hand, the playful element that characterized all their diverse activities, which always took place in the context of the city and everyday life.

The exhibtion focuses in particular on the break that occurred around 1962, when the movement distanced itself from the members who wanted to pursue an artistic-only praxis, following instead a more political line of intervention in the society.



  • Deuren Constant, Deuren Constant, "Labyrinth", 1974, Courtesy Collection Fondation Constant

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