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Korea 2019


11 May 201924 Nov 2019

Title: “History Has Failed Us, but No Matter”
Curator: Hyunjin Kim
Commissioner: Arts Council Korea

Artists: siren eun young jung, Jane Jin Kaisen, Hwayeon Nam

The exhibition features works by the three women artists siren eun young jung, Jane Jin Kaisen and Hwayeon Nam who investigate with a critical approach the present and past conditions which frame the modernization of Korea and East Asia. The three re-examine the history of modernization in East Asia and its myths through their artistic practices based on strong gender consciousness.
The exhibition is named after the first sentence of novel “PACHINKO” by Min Jin Lee, which narrates the vicissitudes of Zainichi Korean diaspora and documents women’s subaltern role in the turmoil of twentieth century.


  • Pavilion of Korea, Hwayeon Nam, Pavilion of Korea, Hwayeon Nam, "Dancer from the Peninsula", 2019, photo by GIM IKHYUN, © Hwayeon Nam

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Destination: Venice
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Press Preview

Destination: Venice
Where: Giardini
Type: Opening
Admission: By Invitation Only

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